Sun Safe

We believe it’s vital to ensure children are aware of sun safety from the start of their time with us. Our Sun Safe Policy is implemented at all times.

Parents and guardians are expected to abide by the Sun Safe Policy and the Clothing Policy during the centre operational hours when their child is in attendance.

When is sunscreen required?

When the ultraviolet (UV) reading is below 3, children are not required to apply sunscreen in order to absorb vitamin D safely from the sun.

When the ultraviolet (UV) reading is above 3, we will supply age-appropriate sunscreen for children.

To help parents, each centre will have a shortcut icon on their desktop for the centre director (or nominated staff member) to easily access the UV rating and the projected temperature forecast for the day. This can be found at Parents are also informed of the UV rating on a daily basis.

What do we provide?

As well as age-appropriate sunscreen, we will also provide sun-safe hats for all children and team members when outside. The preferred styles of hats for the children are legionnaire’s hats. For the educators, a wide-brimmed hat will be supplied to the centre for use. The centre will launder the hats on a regular basis and store the hats appropriately when not in use.

Team members will ensure water is readily accessible for all children when outside to prevent dehydration.

In the event a child is allergic to the supplied sunscreen, the parent/guardian is to supply a suitable alternative which is SPF 30 or higher, broad-spectrum and water-resistant. Please ensure the sunscreen bottle is labelled with the child’s name and date provided.

How can we help to educate?

The centre is to provide and display sun care literature from the Cancer Council or other relevant and reputable resources. Suncare information will be available to all families through centre activities and children’s programmed experiences. Information will also be made available in centre newsletters.

In addition, sun protection and Vitamin D are incorporated into the learning framework and planned experiences.

All adults (including parents, students, volunteers and visitors) will act as role models to the children with good sun safety. Anyone attending the centre to support an outdoor-programmed event will be required to wear a sun smart hat and sunscreen. The hat must be wide-brimmed or legionnaire style.

Remember from 1st August to 30th April – No Sun Smart Hat, No Outside Play.

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