The Benefits Of Children Attending Childcare/Early Development Centres

Are you umming and ahhing over whether it’s worth sending your child to childcare? It can be a daunting experience as you decide whether you and your child are ready to make the leap, and here at Stepping Stone (SA), we understand that there are a million different factors that come into play — from your family’s financial position, to work commitments and the child’s age.

Studies have shown that there are numerous benefits that come from enrolling your child in early education before they begin at kindergarten or school — some of the most important brain development takes place within the first five years of a child’s life, so encouraging positive learning and experiences is vital. The benefits of early learning impact your child emotionally, physically, and mentally.

 To help make your decision a little bit easier, here are the top 7 benefits of your children attending childcare or early development centres.

1. Developing good habits and a sense of routine

From the moment your child is born, you’re immediately introducing them to routine and schedules — from eating and sleeping as a baby, to nap time as they enter the toddler stage.

Entering your children into childcare continues to develop these good routines and habits, which enables them to feel a sense of security in their lives. Understanding what is expected of them each day encourages them to be more settled into a pattern that they understand — even with simple actions like getting themselves dressed in the morning, or packing their lunch box into their bag.

2. Preparing for school

Childcare is the best way to ready your child for a more formal school setting. They start learning how to take instructions from an educator as well as embracing new skills through play situations.

Early learning incorporates numeracy and literacy skills into their activities, so your child is getting a head start before they head into school. This can come from listening to stories, drawing and learning about shapes and singing songs.

At Stepping Stone (SA), we aim to not only educate your child while they are with us but encourage an overall love of learning that they can carry with them throughout the rest of their education.

3. Communication and relationship building

Parents often have an unspoken understanding of what their child needs if they are upset. Our team at Stepping Stone (SA) are highly educated and skilled at working with your child to understand their needs. Educators encourage children to communicate their emotions — whether they are simply hungry, or perhaps feeling more complicated emotions like nerves or insecurity.

Childcare also provides a safe space for children to start learning to communicate with each other, particularly through play. This can help build skills in the art of sharing, and helping each other to complete activities.

4. Skills in emotional intelligence

It’s normal for an upset child to immediately gravitate towards the person that makes them feel safe and secure — for example, a parent — to fix their problem and make them feel emotionally stable again. Childcare provides a safe and understanding environment where children can begin to self-regulate behaviours and emotions, with the help of an educator. As they grow older, this will enable them to build healthy relationships based on strong social skills, as well as encourage a sense of independence.

5. Respect for other adults

From the very beginning, children are generally surrounded by adults from the same family — which means most of their knowledge about adults comes from their parents or grandparents. Children understand that their parents are there to support and guide them in making appropriate choices, and have respect for that.

Childcare opens the door for children to learn and grow from different adults that may have different guidelines than what they are used to at home. This helps your child to grow a level of respect for all adults as their mentor.

6. Respect for other cultures

Stepping Stone is proud to be an inclusive space for all cultures, religions and backgrounds — which means we offer a space where all children are able to learn from each other and express their own identities — even if they have a different background or belief system. This is a deep-seated understanding that children will carry with them moving forward in their lives.

7. Improved immunity

A child that has attended childcare is far less likely to come home with a cold once they begin school. This is due to the fact that their immune system has already been exposed to other people carrying different germs, making them stronger and less susceptible to a common cold when they entre a classroom environment.

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